Do You Have Any Idea What $50 TRILLION Looks Like?!

We are in a neo-feudal system in which most Americans are slaves to debt. We are looking at an all-time record number of children going to bed hungry and of people foreclosed on. We are also looking at an all-time record number of insanely rich Americans. How is this possible?
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A Million Revolutions

As you may have noticed the crew behind this blog would not mind a little of the change Barack “white power with a black face” Obama promised. Because the change we’re seeing right now isn’t very pretty. Where Bush signed the horrid Patriot Act, Obama outdoes him with the NDAA and his signature drone strikes.

You may have gotten the impression that we’re fans of @LeeCamp. (If not, please click here.) That’s why we are proud to present another one of Lee’s hard hitting video’s which features a musical remake of an earlier Moment of Clarity by the guy who pays for this blog; @Anarchiel.

Made it here? Good. Now stop being a sheeple and start waking up. Life’s a cruel game that is rigged against you.