Apartheid R US

kirchickDutch mainstream media had a little circle jerk this week, celebrating that Jamie Kirchick outed Russia Today as a propaganda outlet for the Kremlin and Putin in particular. Toting rainbow suspenders Kirchick blasted RT for ignoring Russia’s anti-gay law. Never mind that RT in fact never ignored that law, never mind that Kirchik was invited to talk about Manning. Never mind that Kirchick abused his invitation to speak his masters voice. And above all, never mind that Kirchick is in fact a transphobic piece of shit.

Kirchick is not a human rights activist, he is a zionist. A mouthpiece for apartheid, a rabid lover of Israel, a state famous for selling  perfect tools of death and desctruction which have been tested over and over again on the population of Palestine. The people in Gaza are not only held in an open air concentration camp, they are test subjects for the police state. Kirchick’s idea of human rights is might makes right. Kirchick is an advocate of perpetual war and nothing else.

And it does not stop there. To understand what makes Kirchick tick, we have to go back a year, to an article he wrote in 2012. “Why the LGBT community shouldn’t honor this man’s treachery” in which he argues that LGBT’s should strive to give Manning the maximum penalty. Which in the United States means capital punishment. Kirchick’s point of view is that Manning should be executed for exposing the war crimes that followed an illegal invasion. O my. How about talking about the use of depleted uranianum, mr Kirchick, let’s talk about the birth defects that plague Iraq. Have you found those weapons of mass destruction yet? Or don’t you want to talk about that either? I guessed so. You sir, Jamie Kirchick, are the pot which calls the kettle black. Please kill yourself.


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