Dataveillance and Everyday Consciousness in the ‘Smart’ City – Gregory Donovan

Gregory Donovan presented Dataveillance and Everyday Consciousness in the ‘Smart’ City  at the OpenITP Techno-Activism Third Monday’s at NewAmerica Foundation NYC on May 19 2014.

Surveillance doesn’t have to be an accepted part of city living. Last year alone, Iowa City unanimously passed a law banning a large number of surveillance technologies. Find out what the situation is in in New York. Gregory Donovan will explain who is tracking your movements, how they are doing it, and why. In addition, learn how how city dwellers can take control of their privacy and security.

Starting in Fall 2014, Gregory Donovanwill be an Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University. Founder of OpenCUNY, Gregory’s research looks specifically at young people’s everyday participation and development within proprietary media ecologies.

Video Sponsor: Internet Society New York Chapter

Camera/edit: Joly MacFie

Title music: Francois Grillot

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