Either IoT will be secure or the internet will be crippled forever

iotFirst things first a disclaimer. I neither like nor trust the National Security Agency (NSA). I believe them to be mainly engaged in economic spying for the corporate American empire. Glenn Greenwald has clearly proven that in his book No Place to Hide. At the NSA, profit and power come first and I have no fucking clue as to how high they prioritize national security. Having said that, the NSA should hack the Internet of (insecure)  Things (IoT) to death. I know Homeland Security and the FBI are investigating where the DDoS of doomsday proportions is coming from and the commentariat is already screaming RUSSIA! But it is really no secret what is enabling this clusterfuck. It’s the Mirai botnet. If you buy a “smart camera” from the Chinese company Hangzhou XiongMai Technologies and do not change the default password, it will be part of a botnet five minutes after you connect it to the internet.   We were promised a future where we would have flying cars but we’re living in a future where camera’s, light-bulbs, doorbells and fridges can get you in serious trouble because your home appliances are breaking the law. Lees meer

Cyberwar? A 3AM-twitterrant

cyberwarFunny how this works. Any alleged Russian hacking is bad but the CIA hacking Russia is great. Russia and the USA have very little qualms with bombing hospitals. If I was in the business of cyberwar, hospitals would be my first target. Fortunately I am not in the business of doing any war because I have ethics and I’m a pacifist. But for the sake gauging the odds… Let’s have a little thought-experiment and let’s pretend I am OK with targetting hospitals.

The USA is currently experiencing an epidemic of hospitals being targetted by non-state hackers. Hospitals are paying ransomware assholes. Why are American hospitals victims of ransomware? Because they still are running on Windows XP. An OS from 2001. The lastest major update for Windows XP was service pack III which was released in 2008. Back then internet really was new in Russia. “In 2009, internet penetration had reached 35%” (Wikipedia.) So it’s pretty safe to say that Russia has no hospitals running XP. Lees meer